Liquid Silicone Moulding

Liquid silicone moulding is a specialised manufacturing technique of injection moulding using liquid silicone. Elite Polymers have many years experience, working with numerous customers to develop and manufacture products from liquid silicone rubbers.

Here are some of the properties of Silicone and the reasons why it has many uses in a variety of applications:

  • Hygienic.
  • UV resistance and chemical resistance. 
  • Temperature resistance. 
  • High temperature resistance 
  • Flexible at sub zero temperatures
  • Silicone is great for flexible transitions,
  • Hardness or softness. Silicone rubber components can be made in varying degrees of hardness or softness.

We can mould all injection grades of silicone including:

  • Oil bleeding silicone
  • Fluro Silicone

Our modern machinery allows us to take advantage of fast cure cycles helping reduce costs and minimise lead-times. Our machines have the latest technology for silicone.

Our expertise in over moulding enables us to facilitate bonding of silicone to thermoplastics. This broadens the applications where silicone can be used. We can run cold runner systems with direct gating, which helps achieve minimised waste and accurate moulding.

Silicone has a limited shelf life once opened. We have a flexible delivery system enabling us to manufacture from 20 litre or 200 litre container options allowing for flexibility of customer run sizes.

We have excellent technical support from our suppliers & machinery manufacturers (including laboratory testing) as well as our own in house manufacturing expertise.

Silicone moulded products can be used in many industries including human health and animal.