Injection Moulding

Elite Polymers specialises in injection moulding of custom moulded products and offers the following: 

  • Low tolerance injection moulding
  • Robust quality assurance and rigorous testing
  • Focus on minimising cost and waste through innovate product design
  • We work closely with customers to select the right polymer for the job
  • Vast experience in all aspects of injection moulding 
  • Latest machinery and tooling  

Technical Injection Moulding 

Our specialty is technical injection moulding where high end engineering polymers are used and items are made to tight tolerances and a high level of accuracy is required. Injection moulding tooling for this type of manufacturing is often complex with many moving parts which are required to make the complex shapes, threads or other attributes. Injection moulding of complex parts should be done by a specialist company that has proven expertise that will ensure your parts are made to your requirements without a lot of unnecessary issues.

Over Moulding 

We offer  a range of over moulding services, a process where a layer of plastic is moulded over or all or some of an existing item to create a product with two different material types bonded together. Elite Polymers offers the following: 

  • Insert over moulding
  • Soft over hard moulding 
  • Dual cover over moulding 
  • Wire mesh over moulding

A broad variety of products and techniques

In addition to basic parts where simple tooling and manufacturing processes are required we also are competent in insert  over moulding, dual colour over moulding, soft over hard over moulding and wire mesh over moulding.

Our efficiencies and quality is delivered with modern injection moulding machines capable of making parts from 0.2 grams up to approx. 1200g. The machines are complimented with the full automation of a six axis robot.

We manufacture for a variety of industries including animal health, construction, electrical, human health, water filtration.

Engineering Plastics

Elite Polymers will help you make the right decision about the correct engineering plastics / polymer choice to use for your project. Selecting the correct polymer is one of the most important choices to make when getting your product made. An incorrect polymer choice can affect the strength, functionality, flexibility, price and finish quality of your product. Our many years of experience and our strong relationships with the leading polymer suppliers ensures that the most suitable polymer is selected for the purpose. Every project is different and each have their own specific requirements.