Shaker Flaps — Sistema

Sistema is a market leader in food container solutions. Sistema products are now stocked by many of the world's largest retailers and exported to over 59 countries in the world.

Sistema came to Elite Polymers with a problem. A 700ml Shaker to Go was to introduced as part of their 'To Go' range. The lid required a rubberised seal around the closure to avoid any leakages while being shaken. Elite Polymers was called in with their expertise to manufacture an over moulded product to provide the solution.

We found the right material that would meet all the demands of functionality (non-leaking), durability, safety, and price. Sistema had a price point that they needed to be at for the product, so we worked with them to have the right tooling made which would manufacture multiple cavities, providing the efficiency required.

After testing and refinements the completed product was completed and now is in full production and on the market. The shaker lids are manufactured in a number of combinations of base and over moulded colours.

SGS Certification