Profile extrusion

Plastic Pipe and Profile offer a profile extrusion service where we custom manufacture a range profiles in many shapes and sizes using a range of materials.Rigid PVC is the most common material used for extrusion due to it's ease of extrusion, chemical resistance, price and other traits. We are also able to manufacture with other materials such as ASA, EVA, PP and PE.

Extrusion Profiles we manufacture are custom designed specific to the customer requirements. We work with a number of designers who can help design your profile to meet your needs. We have excellent relationships with die manufacturers which provide quality dies at competitive prices. We can often provide a die and unit manufacture cost within a couple of days. Post production processing allows for automated cutting to length and in-line printing as well as customised packaging such as cartons or pallets.

Twin wall Profile

Plastic Pipe & profile not only do custom profile extrusion, but also own the die for a twin wall profile. This versatile profile extrusion is sold to a number of customers who use it for different applications. It is currently been used as a temporary flooring system, scaffold kick board and ground mat for technicians servicing heavy equipment on wet/muddy ground. It is also used for garden edging / concrete boxing.

This profile extrusion can be manufactured in a range of colours and materials. We also manufacture a matching hinge which is connected into the edge of the board allowing to create a system that folds up. Applications could include office dividers, screening, etc.Various surface finishes are available including a smooth finish on one face of the board. The other face has ridges along the board. An indentation roller system enables extra grip to be added to the ridges for situations where extra grip is required.

The profile is versatile and used for many applications such as the fold up flooring system. There are many possibilities and applications with this profile extrusion. If you would like a sample or see where it could be used please contact us and we will happily provide a quote.